Tell your Reps: End Overdose NOW!

End Overdose NOW!

Tell Your Reps to End Overdose and Expand Access to Treatment

Imagine a world where we have what we need to overcome our challenges, where we can get and stay well. The truth is life is hard. We all struggle with something and for many this includes addiction. Please take ACTION today to make sure more of us can access Medication Assisted Treatment and Naloxone by sending a letter to your state legislators asking them to vote YES.

Sample Letter to Reps

Instructions: We drafted a letter for you, feel free to edit it and add your own experience to it before sending along. Thanks!

Subject: End Overdose & Expand Access to Treatment NOW

The overdose crisis is alive and well in New Jersey. The raw truth is that over the course of 2020, throughout the pandemic, overdose deaths in NJ increased from 3,021 in 2019 to 3,046 in 2020, and 540 people died in the short time span from January 1, 2021 until February 28, 2021.

In order to effectively end preventable overdose deaths we must pass policy solutions that meet people who use drugs where they are at and make access to lifesaving services and treatments – such as Naloxone and Medication Assisted Treatments – more widely available and affordable. That is why we are calling on you to support four key pieces of legislation that will expand access to these resources. These bills include S3800/A5703, S3802/A5595, S3491/A5457 and S3803/A5495. 

Please support these bills by voting YES so that we can ensure our communities have what we need to prevent overdose deaths, recover from addiction, and shape our lives into what we imagine they can be.

Thank You!

Thank you for sending a letter to your state representatives. Together we win! Please share this action with your friends and family by sending them an email or sharing this action on social media.