We are made up of loved ones, people in recovery, and people who use drugs. 

We are dedicated to taking action to end the overdose crisis in NJ.​

Not One More NJ is made up of people who use drugs, people who are in recovery (or who want to be), and loved ones of people impacted by substance use disorder. We’re dedicated to taking action to end the overdose crisis by crushing the stigma and expanding access to compassionate, evidence-based treatments and harm reduction in New Jersey. Since launching this campaign in 2019, we have made our voices heard by advocating for the solutions our communities and loved ones need. We’ve played a role in passing 3 key pieces of legislation in NJ that expand access to lifesaving naloxone and medication assisted treatment (MAT), and then, as part of a national coalition, worked to pass the MAT Act at the end of 2022 as a federal law, vastly improving access to buprenorphine nationwide.

Have you been impacted by the overdose crisis or substance use disorder? Share your story and experience with us here. By sharing our stories we can create momentum for change to save lives and expand access to quality care for people who use drugs.

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Now more than ever, we need to stand up and speak out in the name of those we have lost to preventable overdose deaths; and with loved ones who are still with us.