Who we are

The Not One More campaign was launched in 2019, and brings together multiple different grassroots community organizations and individuals fighting on behalf of people who use drugs across New Jersey. Together, our aim is to build power in order to take action to end the overdose crisis and crush the stigma of substance use.

Today, N0M includes members of the New Jersey Organizing Project, the New Jersey Resource Project, Sea Change Recovery Community Organization (RCO), and Worth Saving. We are uniting as a boots-on-the-ground Recovery Community Organization (RCO) providing direct support and services to whoever needs it, and a community organizing group fighting to fix the broken recovery systems that we struggle within in our day-to-day lives. 

We work together as N0M and in our own capacities as separate organizations. Here’s a bit about us and what we do.

Sea Change Recovery Community Organization (RCO) is based in Southern Ocean County, NJ. Since our founding in 2020, our mission is to #CrushTheStigma of substance use disorder (SUD) and what it means to be in recovery. We combine evidence-based practices with healthy lifestyle approaches to recovery. With compassion, we support both individuals and their concerned families, friends and loved ones through private 1:1 meetings, various support groups, direct outreach, special events, physical activities, and community organizing. 

As Certified Peer Recovery Specialists, we offer free non-clinical support to both families and individuals. We believe in all pathways of recovery, and fully support harm reduction and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) among those pathways. Learn more and access our peer recovery services here, and come to one of our events or regular recovery groups by checking out our calendar

The New Jersey Organizing Project is a community organization with multiple areas of focus, including ending the overdose crisis, getting NJ’s storm survivors home and whole, and protecting our shore and inland communities alike from extreme weather and rising seas. We’re regular people like you fighting to fix the broken systems that we experience each day. 

Interested in getting involved? Join our list here to get updates on meetings, actions, and more.

The New Jersey Resource Project educates and connects community leaders to work together for solutions and take action toward an economically just and resilient future. We do that by connecting and training community members to participate in the decision-making processes that affect their daily lives.

Worth Saving is a movement to spread love, acceptance and hope. Our wristbands show support for people who struggle with substance use disorder, and let them know that: “We love you, we value you and we’re on your side.” We use wristband sales to raise money to pay for detox beds for those who need them. We have been able to send two people to detox with our own money, and together we can make a drastic impact. 

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Now more than ever, we need to stand up and speak out in the name of those we have lost to preventable overdose deaths; and with loved ones who are still with us.