We know that it can be hard to find and access trustworthy and reputable resources when it comes to substance use disorder, so we have compiled a list of resources that we have found can be helpful for people who use drugs and their loved ones to find support.

As of 2023, all New Jersey pharmacies now offer free Naloxone over-the-counter for anyone over the age of 14 years old – no prescription or payment needed. Find a participating pharmacy and community Naloxone training near you on the Department of Human Services’ website.


BIO: Sea Change is a 501(c)3 non-profit Recovery Community Organization (RCO) with a mission to #CrushTheStigma of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and what it means to be in recovery. Sea Change combines evidence-based practices with healthy lifestyle approaches to recovery. With compassion, they support both individuals and their concerned families, friends and loved ones through private 1:1 meetings, various support groups, direct outreach, special events, physical activities and community organizing.

Sea Change believes in all pathways of recovery and fully supports harm reduction and MAT (medication-assisted treatment). Through peer support services, both online and in-person, they make prevention possible, help survivors heal, thrive in our lives and give back to the community. While based in Southern Ocean County, they serve anyone in New Jersey who reaches out for help.

CONTACT:, (609) 241-2630
MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 1139, Beach Haven, NJ 08008


BIO: Monmouth County CARE INC. is a non-profit grassroots advocacy organization. They promote the health and dignity of drug users through outreach work and policy research.

They also provide community education about harm reduction services located within NJ communities, and do outreach work along the Bayshore area of Middlesex and Monmouth Counties.  They provide donations, offer different community resources, offer harm reduction supplies, and much more. 

CONTACT:, 908-247-7757


BIO: The Prevention Resource Network of Asbury Park  uses a  compassionate and pragmatic approach in addressing high risk behaviors, usually associated with drug use. They are for harm reduction, which includes Naloxone (Narcan), medication assisted treatment, syringe access, condoms, safer sex practices, reducing usage, HIV HCV and STD testing and assists individuals regardless of their stage of substance use. 

CONTACT: 800-947-0020, Address: 816 Sunset Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712


BIO: South Jersey AIDS Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing FREE harm reduction resources to New Jersey Residents. Services include syringe exchange program, case management, transportation, HIV testing, nursing services, food pantry, financial support and rental assistance, drop in centers and more.  

CONTACT: Call for more info 1-800-281-AIDS (2437)


BIO: New Jersey Harm Reduction Coalition is a coalition helping to create a New Jersey that values the safety and dignity of all people who use drugs, and to make evidence-informed harm reduction public health resources widely available to everyone in our state. They value human dignity, bodily autonomy, racial equity, transformed changed, joy and feminist shared leadership all the while  trying to work toward a worl where there is no durg way or stigma against people who use drugs.  

CONTACT: 1-877-4NARCAN (free naloxone text or call), email:


BIO: The Affordable Housing Alliance is a community catalyst that provides housing and related relief to all who need it, giving every New Jersey resident the opportunity to live a better life. Their team of knowledgeable, compassionate difference-makers offers rental and homeownership help, mortgage and foreclosure counseling, utility assistance, and homebuyer education, guiding people through every step of the process to achieve stability, progress, and peace of mind.  

CONTACT: (732) 389-2958,, 3535 Route 66, Parkway 100, Building 4 Neptune Township, NJ 07753


BIO: Legal Services in New Jersey’s vision of fighting for  full access to essential civil legal aid for all economically disadvantaged people who cannot secure a lawyer on their own. Their belief in the importance of legal assistance to indigent people comes from a concern with fairness, and a conviction that important legal needs of individuals should be addressed. 

CONTACT: 1-888-LSNJ-LAW, 1-888-576-5529, Legal Services of New Jersey P.O. Box 1357 Edison, NJ 08818-1357, (732) 572-9100

877-294-HELP (4357) 

TYY 877-294-4356

The Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services has more than 120 contracted community mental health provider agencies including individual crisis counseling. Click here.


Mental health and addiction services for children and adults. Click here.


In a crisis text NAMI to 74174  National Alliance on Mental Illness, Confidential crisis support. Click here for their website.


Disaster Distress help line, 24/7 365 days a year. Substance abuse, mental health services and crisis counseling. Click here.

New Jersey Hopeline

Peer support and suicide hotline 24/7

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Online support:

Where to get Naloxone

    You can get free naloxone through some local health departments in NJ. Click here for a list of local health departments distributing Naloxone.

    As of 2023, all New Jersey pharmacies now offer free Naloxone over-the-counter for anyone over the age of 14 years old – no prescription or payment needed.

    You can get free naloxone delivered to you in the mail from the New Jersey Harm Reduction Coalition by calling 877-4NARCAN (877-462-7226) Click here to learn how to make a plan for safe consumption during COVID-19.

Now more than ever, we need to stand up and speak out in the name of those we have lost to preventable overdose deaths; and with loved ones who are still with us.